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septic tank in ground

Ultimate Guide on Septic Systems for NSW Homeowners

Are you a homeowner in Byron Bay, Cabarita Beach, or Mullumbimby seeking expert septic tank services? Then Zen Plumbing is your trusted local partner for all your septic tank needs. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs ...
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solar hot water system against Byron Bay beach background

Navigating Regulations: A Guide to Solar Hot Water System Permits in Byron Bay

Do you want to journey towards sustainable living and substantial energy savings with solar hot water in Byron Bay? Before you immerse yourself in harnessing the sun’s power, navigating the local regulations and permits governing ...
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Bush fire starting. Tweed Heads plumbing

How To Safeguard Homes In Tweed Heads Against Bush Fires

Tweed Heads, like many other regions in the area, grapples with the recurrent danger of bushfires. Demanding a vigilant approach to shield homes from potential devastation.  Often underestimated yet fundamentally vital in preparing for bushfires ...
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solar hot water system on roof top. Plumbers in Mullumbimby

Drowning In Hot Water Problems? Here’s Your Ultimate Lifesaver

Hot water is an essential component of modern living, and a malfunctioning system can disrupt daily routines and comfort. When it comes to hot water system issues, homeowners often find themselves in a dilemma regarding ...
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Plumbers Near Me Tyagarah

Detecting Water Leaks in Your Home: A Comprehensive Guide

Zen Plumbing has several teams in NSW and provides plumbing services from Byron Bay right up to Tweeds heads. As you can imagine, many of our callouts are for water leaks. Water leaks in your ...
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Tallows Beach In Byron Bay Australia

Why is Byron Bay Called Byron Bay?

Zen Plumbing has served the Byron Bay community for many years. We get asked all the time, how it got its name. Who was it named after? Let’s answer that question for you right now. ...
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Plumbers Cabarita Beach. Installation of outdoor showers picture combo

Outdoor Luxury: The Pros Of Installing An Outdoor Shower

Are you looking to enhance your home with a touch of luxury and relaxation? Installing an outdoor shower is the perfect way to achieve a touch of luxury and relaxation no matter where you live ...
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woman stacking a water saving fixture dishwasher

Reasons Water Saving Fixtures And Appliances Are A Great Choice

When living in Mullumbimby or the surrounding areas, water holds a special significance to our tight-knit community. We understand the vital role water plays in maintaining our way of life and how installing water saving ...
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crane truck delivering septic tanks for installation

When to Upgrade Your Septic System in NSW: A Comprehensive Guide

Note: This article serves as a guide for property owners in New South Wales, Australia, who are considering upgrading their septic systems. It provides valuable information on signs of system failure, the importance of upgrading, ...
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Bush Fire

How To Maintain Your Bushfire Protection System

Are you confident that your bushfire protection system is up to scratch for when you need it most? As the seasons change and the threat of wildfires looms, is your bushfire protection system prepared for ...
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young woman unclogging a sink. expert plumbing tips

Top 12 Expert Plumbing Tips Householders Should Know

As professional plumbers in the Byron Bay region, we understand the importance of maintaining a well-functioning plumbing system in your Australian home.  To help you navigate the intricacies of plumbing maintenance and minimise the risk ...
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water pressure in Mullumbimby. Shower head working

Advice on Water Pressure: Tips and Tricks for Your Home

Water pressure plays a crucial role in our daily lives, impacting various aspects of our home’s plumbing system. At Zen Plumbing, we understand the importance of addressing these issues for residents in Mullumbimby and the ...
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