Safeguard Your Home: Embrace Powerful Bush Fire Protection

Bush fire protection sprinkler system

As expert plumbers in Mullumbimby and surrounding regions, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding your home or business from the devastating effects of bush fires, primarily if you reside in areas prone to such hazards. In Australia, where bush fires pose a significant threat to life and property, investing in the latest ember protection systems is wise. 

The Platypus® bushfire protection sprinkler systems offer cutting-edge technology designed to combat ember attacks with larger droplets, ensuring their effectiveness even in high wind conditions. 

This article will explore the benefits and features of the Platypus® ember protection system and how it can protect your most valuable assets when a disaster strikes.

Ember Protection with Larger Droplets

Embers are one of the main culprits contributing to the rapid spread of bush fires, as they can be carried by the wind over long distances, igniting new fires in their path. Traditional sprinkler systems may struggle to combat these small and fast-moving embers effectively. These other sprinklers with outer support frames produce a mist and smaller droplets in comparison, making them less effective.

While the Platypus® ember protection system has a specific design for spraying larger droplets, ensuring it can effectively reach and extinguish embers even in high wind conditions. This is because the larger droplets are less susceptible to dispersion by wind, making the system highly reliable in combating ember attacks.

Manually and Automatically Operated 

The flexibility of the Platypus® ember protection system is one of its standout features. The installation team will ensure that they can operate the system manually and automatically to suit your preferences and needs. Our team will install isolation valves for manual control, enabling you to activate the system when needed and giving you complete control over protecting your property.

Moreover, you can also set up the system for automatic activation using a controller. This means that even if you are away from your property during a bush fire event, the sprinkler system can be programmed to activate at specific times or trigger under certain conditions, offering continuous protection without requiring your physical presence.

SMS Activation for Remote Control

The Platypus® ember protection system provides convenience and ease of use during critical situations. With SMS activation capabilities, you can remotely control the sprinkler system from your mobile phone. This feature is particularly beneficial when you receive emergency alerts or warnings about a nearby bush fire while you’re away from your property. By sending a simple text message, you can activate the sprinkler system instantly, fortifying your property against imminent danger.

Installation by Zen Plumbing, Your Professional Plumbers

When it comes to the safety of your property, a reliable and expert installation is paramount. Our team of highly skilled professionals at Zen Plumbing will install the Platypus® ember protection system around your home. We understand the specific requirements of bush fire protection. We will strategically place the system to maximise its effectiveness in shielding your home or business from ember attacks.

As this system is very flexible, it can be installed during the initial construction phase if you’re building, or it can be easily retrofitted to existing buildings.

Installing of the system during construction means that pipework can be concealed in the roof space.

Retrofitting to an existing building would normally result in exposed pipework, although in some cases, pipework can be concealed.

In Summary

Protecting your home or business from bushfires is crucial to safeguarding your most valuable assets. Therefore the Platypus® ember protection system offers an innovative solution to combat ember attacks. With larger droplets that remain effective in high wind conditions. 

We can tailor the system to meet your needs, whether you prefer manual or automatic control. The SMS activation feature allows for remote control. Providing you with peace of mind even when you are away from your property during a bushfire event. To ensure you are fully prepared to face disaster, contact Zen Plumbing today and let our experts install the Platypus®ember protection system, making your property a fortress against bushfires.


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